Wednesday, December 12, 2007

He is able to twist ur situation around

one beautiful friday night

i picked up my bible to read

A freiend of mine had told me about the book of samuel. i forgot the exact chapter she told me to read, but i decided to read chpter 16.

as i read through this chapter i realised thast God is a God of signs and wonders. i look through ma life and think about the things that i thought were impossible and that nothing on earth will ever make it happen and God told me that he is my God. i look back and i am amazed at his glorious works.

i remember something that happened this year on the 1st of september to be precise.

the night before i escorted my friend off to the airport she was going to medical school in the caribbean. we said our good byes and i told her i was going to see her at christmas.

i went home and prayed that God gives her journey mercies and that he be with her in all her endeavors.

at exactly 5;38am my phone rang and i saw the number was from the caribbeans and im like oh thank God she arrived safely. i jumped up with all excitment and picked up the phone. it was her voice on the other end sounding distressed and their was somethin in that voice that told me alls not well. i said what is wrong is everything okay. and she said the immigration wont let her in, that she needed a visa to get in. at first i thot she was playing pranks on me. im like if na joke just stop am oh. we don do all the research now and they said you didnt need a visa. she said they were going to send her back to america, but the problem is she said that they will not let her back into the us cos her US visa is expired. and she dropped the phone and said she"ll call me back. i got on my knees and called on the only person that listens. i was just helpless i cant do anything from this distance but pray and pray is what i did. i called her parents and they were so calm about it cos they believed in the power of God.

i was freaking out my faith was shaken, but there was a voice inside of me that said be still dont u know whom u are serving why do u worry.

they sent her back to the US and when she got to the immigration port she sent me a text and said they were going to send her back to Nigeria. i told my mum about it and she said let God just intervene. i told ma so called friend about it and he said there is nothing that can be done she has to go back to nigeria there is no doubt about that. i looked at him and laughed. i told him we are serving a living God and her case is exceptional. i said this with ma faith wey dey fidget. hmmm i listened to that voice and that God of david that brought him out of nothing and made him a great warrior and a king............. it was a long 7 hours but God proved himself again. they let her into the US. when i told ma so called friend again, he said it was sheer luck. i looked at him and laughed and i said again. we are serving a God that twists our situation around. he opens that door that u think is impossible to open, he turns things 1000 degrees thats if there is anything like that. but he does it all that is to show you the extent to which he can turn things around. who is that person that said he/she has not experienced God in his or her life tell the person that he/she is a fool even the air he is breathing is from God the fact that he/she is alive should tell him that God is watching over us. i read a psalm 45 and God has given us the power to fight our battles. the bible says that God has given us the ability to speak to our soul and tell our soul what we want. God continues to show us himself, yes we are humans and we ask him questions when things dont go the way we plan. but we just need to hold fast because that guys got our back. i pray everyday that the good lord will continue to give me an increase in faith and that i may never doubt the words that he has spoken upon my life. i have heard this line a few times. if he takes you to it, he will take you through it. and today i ask him to take me through Nursing school. i am believing he has done it already.

jus being moi

seven weird things about me i can thing of a million of them but ill stop at seven. everyone i have come across things im weird but i just think that wat defines me, and i tried to change these things, jus to change peoples perception of me. yeah but i found out that i didnt find the happiness i always had when the whole world thinks im weird...............

i enjoy praying and talking to myself, especially when i am driving. of course i have to be alone in the car for this to happen. people just stare and wonder is she singing or what going on with that girl. but that is just me take it or leave it.

i have the weirdest mood swings omg its just distraous, i feel so sorry for people around me, cos one minute i am laughing so hard and the next damn my face is as hard as a rock. most of the time its jus someone saying something that gets on ma lil toe.

if you say something that hurts ma feelings, i rather keep it bottled up, i dont say anything to u i whine and cry about it and i just hold it in. the day i explode hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. thats all i can say.

i cry a lot, omg my family and friends are sick of this. Even at the slightest things tears just start pouring down ma eyes, ma tear glands work overtime sometimes. but its so bad that i even do that in public.

i am nonchalant about everything. i can go out without combing ma hair, ironing ma clothes and looking twice in the mirror. i jus no send person ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. thats ma thing, yeah im tryna change this, but i just get carried away sometimes and just go ma way.............

please abeg lemme me mention a few good weird things about me cos the above have been a lil awkward.

my laughter is so unique, when i laugh people 3 miles away can hear me laugh. that has been ma signature for the longest time. i remember ma friends in nigeria telling me they always know when i come home from school. im like wat do u all mean by that and they say nobody else laughs the way you do. and the good thing about it is that when i laugh so loud like that people laugh along with me . i guess they laugh at my laugh. lol

people tell me i have the cutest smile. yeah thats wen i smile. but i dont its that cute.a number of people tell me you make ma day when i see ur smile. hmmmmmmmmm so does that mean i should smile more often. i guess so, so i get to make peoples day. thats a good weird thing abt me.

Monday, November 26, 2007


questions, lots of questions?
dazed and confused,
am i right, i want to do what is rite
looking to please everyone
i want to save the world.
ive been there, bein in and out of it
i dont know where im at rite now.
depression really does exist, but people with depression never admit to it.
most at times we feel moody and come to a point where nuin seems to matter
we think that everythin has come crashing down on us
you want to be in your own world, shut down everythin and everyone around you.
what do you do when you are caught in this situation?
when you are depressed things are not going the way they should be
there is one person that you can talk to and that is God.
life does not make sense if you dont have him.
depression deepens if you dont call on him.
when you feel like you need to please everyone,
sweetie you dont need to, he created you to stand out so
if people dont like you the way you are, then it shouldnt be your problem.
i know you want to be accepted, but sugar, remember what he said
he has made you with a difference, and to stand out from the crowd.
thank God for being there for me
i dont know wat id have done with him
dont know where id have been if he wasnt there
lord finally i thank you for being you.